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This shows that the prices in that period increased more than the cost of living or inflation, probably due to increased popularity of the show. Similarly, in 1999, the prices of commercials rose by 3709% and prices of tickets by 3962%. However, during this period the index was 499, showing an increase in inflation by 400%. This shows that the prices of this show are increasing faster than inflation and hence are not pegged with inflation. As a result, this show’s profit must have risen by a good amount. In 2001, the commercials show an increase of 4900%, whereas ticket prices remained stagnant and showed an increase of 3962%, taking 1967 as the base year. The index in this period was around 530 and hence again the show’s prices are not pegged with inflation. In 2002, the commercial’s prices came down and showed an increase of 4423% from 1967 onwards, whereas the show’s ticket prices increased by a percentage of 4900%. The index during the same period was 538. This again reflects my point that the show prices are not linked with inflation but the popularity of the show.


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