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1. Have prison populations been reduced and medical care sufficiently improved to bring prison medical care up to a Constitutional standard?

2. What is the impact on victim safety and victim rights?

3. Will more offenders participate in evidence-based treatment programs, andwill their recidivism be reduced and their social functioning improved?

4. Will there be equitable sentencing and treatment across counties?

5. What is the impact on jails? What is realignments’ impact on crowding, staffsafety, jail conditions, pre-trial releases, and litigation?

6. What is the impact on police, prosecution, defense, and judges?

7. What is the impact on probation and parole?

8. What is the impact on crime rates and community life?

9. How much will realignment cost, and who ultimately pays?

10. Have we increased the total number of people under criminal justice supervision?Did realignment just change the location where inmates are incarcerated or the agency they report to?

Qsn 1.The extent of the prison population is the result everybody is watching. On the eveof thesection of realignment in October 2011, the prison population was 160,295,more thantwofold what the…


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