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The observation is reliable because repeating the activity in a one-to-one environment also identified the emulation.

The mirror neurons theories suggest that people emulate others’ actions, especially when there is concordance in the parties’ environment. When two people share an experience, they are likely to predict each other’s response than when they have different experience and this is because mirror neurons trigger such reactions. Consequently, observing a person’s actions creates a similar environment and prompts the observer to emulate the actions (Winerman 1. Kluger 1). The mirror neurons theory explains the observations that I made in the two activities. Ability to recognize items in my friend’s bag is because of a reflexive action that experience with the items triggered. The theory is more direct to my activity two observation in which a person’s action triggered other people to emulate the action. My observations therefore validates the theory.

Kluger, Jeffrey. “Bunnies, stinkbugs, and maggots: The secrets of empathy.” Time. October 13, 2013. Web. January 20, 2015.


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