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In addition, other existing studies focused on neighborhoods extended the concept that adults that are distant from the immediate family can indeed exert social control that lessens deviance.

Regan, Osgood, and Feinberg make use of a longitudinal social analysis in examining data obtained from Prosper Peers Project. The Prosper Peers Project is also a longitudinal investigation that based on more than twelve thousand students, who were from twenty-seven different non-metropolitan communities as they transit from sixth through ninth grade. In their study, Regan, Osgood and Feinberg (2014) demonstrate that the conduct of friends’ parents has an indirect and direct correlation with adolescent alcohol use. Additionally, their outcome posits that peer behavior mediates much of the influence from friends’ parents. In addition, the findings point that adolescents have the tendency to associate with friends that display similar parenting as themselves. This article relates to my topic and addresses the pertinent questions that I will seek to find their answers. Besides that, I find this article very much


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