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The learner should dig deep into learning new vocabularies and finding the relevant instances where they should be applied. Knowing the right meaning of the word and applying it appropriately will demonstrate ‘language maturity’ and high competence of the learner. Learning meanings of several vocabularies will broaden the learners reading comprehension skills as they can understand the message carried in the vocabulary with ease.

Consequently, Practice through speaking the language more makes the learner improve on their reading and writing. Just like writing, speaking is an active process that enables the learner to gain experience with the language and assist them remember more about what they spoke while writing.

Learning the second language does not come with much ease as one’s native language and mastering it needs one to put a lot of efforts. To improve on it, constant research should be done in which the learner extracts different vocabularies and find ways to use them. Sentence structure and rules governing the formation and use of sentences should be regularly considered. If these are done, reading and writing in second language will be


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