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Question 1. Suppose you’re choosing a university to attend, and you’d like to quantify how dissimilar any two universities are. You rate each university you’re considering on several numerical traits. You decide on a very detailed list of 1000 traits, and you measure all of them! Some examples:

The cost to attend (per year)

The average Yelp review of nearby Thai restaurants

The USA Today ranking of the Medical school

The USA Today ranking of the Engineering school

You decide that the dissimilarity between two universities is the total of the differences in their traits. That is, the dissimilarity is:

the sum of

the absolute values of

the 1000 differences in their trait values.

In the next cell, we’ve loaded arrays containing the 1000 trait values for Stanford and Berkeley. Compute the dissimilarity (according to the above method) between Stanford and Berkeley. Call your answer dissimilarity. Use a single line of code to compute the answer.

stanford = Table.read_table(“stanford.csv”).column(“Trait value”)

berkeley = Table.read_table(“berkeley.csv”).column(“Trait value”)

dissimilarity = …


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