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 Subject: Construction of simplified single heterojunction LED structure flat energy band diagram.

  • Use Anderson’s rule [1] and the model of Varshni [2] for calculating parameters needed to construct flat energy band diagram [3] for a generic InGaN/GaN single QW heterojunction LED emitting at 460 nm. Use typical values for this device donor and acceptor concentrations.
  • Select metals for forming Ohmic contact to the n-type semiconductor and the p-type semiconductors.
  • Provide a drawing of flat energy band diagram for designed LED structure. Include all necessary numerical values, equations, calculated parameters and references used.


  1. Y. Varshni, ‘Temperature Dependence of the Energy Gap in Semiconductors,” Physica, vol. 34, pp. 149-154, 1967.
  2. R. L. Anderson, “Germanium-gallium arsenide heterojunction,” IBM J. Res. Dev. vol.4, Issue 3, pp. 283-287, 1960.

I am having a lot of trouble finding typical values for the donor and acceptor concentrations for a 460 nm LED and I don’t have a good understanding of how to go about calculating conduction and valence bands for a problem like this


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