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Progressive Chemical Industries Ltd is engaged in Manufacturing and export of specialty chemicals, having turnover of Rs 300

crores. The Company is growing and having good export orders. The CEO is in mood to expand the business and aiming to reach

turnover of Rs 1000(thousand) crores in next 5 (five) yrs. The CEO is worried about the increase in input costs and workers’

demands. Union has threatened to go on strike indefinitely. Union has demanded 50% increase in salary and other benefits, But is

not agreeing to link it to productivity. It has also raised issues like unsafe, hazardous working conditions, leakage of poisonous gases

affecting the health of workers. The consultant has advised the CEO to be strict and take strict action against the erring employees

and be ready to declare lockout if situation warrants.

Answer the following question.

Q1. What are the various laws which could be applicable in the above problems?

Q2. Do you feel management policies/practices are right?

Q3. As a HR Head how would you convince the Union and workers?

Q4. Prepare a draft agreement for the above situation which could be acceptable for Management and Union.


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