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14. Why do nematodes molt?

(a) the cuticle (exoskeleton) is rigid, and must be replaced as the animal grows

(b) to protect the cuticle (exoskeleton) from drying out

(c) molting marks the transition from the larval stage to the adult stage

(d) to release pheromones before mating takes place

(e) to get rid of excess chitin

15. Which of the following animals lack a digestive tract?

(a) leeches

(b) earthworms

(c) tapeworms

(d) nematodes

(e) all animals have complete digestive tracts

16. What is the function of the spermatheca in insects?

(a) pumps hemolymph to tissues

(b) digestion

(c) excretion of waste products

(d) sperm storage by females

(e) gas exchange

17. Which of the following organisms are you most likely to encounter colonizing a brand new volcanic island, that has no other life on the bare rock?

(a) chytrid fungi

(b) zygomycete molds

(c) lichens

(d) insects

(e) arachnids

18. For what function are the Malpighian tubules of insects adapted?

(a) nerve impulses

(b) pump blood across the pharynx

(c) excrete waste

(d) walking

(e) burrowing


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