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Constructing Tables with Microsoft Access Construct an Access database with two tables using the graphical capabilities of the product (vs. SQL). One table is called STUDENTS and has fields for Student_ID, Last_Name, First_Name, Major, DOB (i.e., date of birth), Zip_Code, and GPA. The other table is called ZIP_CODES and has fields of Zip_Code, City, and State. Use appropriate Access data types for all fields. Ensure both tables have primary keys and there is a foreign key in the STUDENTS table referencing the Zip_Code field in the ZIP_CODES table. Populate each table with two records, ensuring that each student has a zip code that matches a value in the ZIP_CODES table. Develop a query that shows the Student IDs of both students along with their last names, first names, date of birth, GPAs, zip codes, cities, and states.

Submit the following screen snapshots, in this order and appropriately labeled, in a single Word file:

  1. Relationships View showing both related tables
  2. Table Design Views of both tables
  3. Datasheet Views of both tables showing the two records
  4. Query Design View of your query
  5. SQL View of your query
  6. Datasheet View of the query results


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