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Please analyze the cryptocurrency market which is an exciting, new and emerging industry. In fact, over the last few years, the codification of money has become a hundred-billion-dollar industry with many analysts believing the market could top $1 trillion in the next few years. Some cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum are especially popular. Ethereum not only allows for the exchange of funds but also enables individuals to engage in “smart contracts”.   

However, even with all the hype and money currently going into cryptocurrencies and the blockchain many veteran traders warn of scams and lack of credibility in the industry.  Many respected entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have even described crypto as “rat poison squared”.

Help provide information on the cryptocurrency market/industry.  In this analysis, discuss the cryptocurrency market as an industry. Are crypto-currencies a blue-ocean or red-ocean market? A good tool to use in this analysis would be stakeholder analysis, including how individuals are responding to this new technology. Who are the stakeholders involved? Finally, do you believe that cryptocurrencies are a disruptive technology or just a passing fad/scam?


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