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Ms. Mellon is a 43year old woman who has lived in a Residential Habilitation Center from age 11 to 40. For the last three years she has been in a Tenant Support Program. This past year staff noticed that she had begun to lose weight. This became a concern because she had always been rather slender. Staff had encouraged her to eat more and had routinely prepared the foods she liked the most. Still, she was losing weight and was about 15 pounds below her ideal weight. At a staff meeting to discuss Ms. Mellon’s food consumption, it was discovered that she was generally eating breakfast but not lunch or dinner. While lunches and dinners were always made and served to her, she often dumped the food in the garbage when staff members were not present. She also was not drinking much water and staff wondered if this was part of the problem. Because Ms. Mellon did not talk, staff could not find out why she wasn’t eating more than breakfast. Staff decided to use the “Determine Your Nutritional Health Checklist” to see if she was at nutritional risk and Ms Mellon had a total score of 11 points (high nutritional risk). It also was becoming clear that Ms. Mellon was more lethargic and was sometimes disoriented to time and place


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