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Part 1: Research

Research how to calculate the area of a circle and square.

Part 2: Write the Application

Follow the instructions in the Assessment 3 Part 2 Instructions document (attached along with=>part_2_instructions) to complete this part of your assessment. You should organize your code into header files (Circle.h, Square.h) and implementation files (Circle.cpp. Square.cpp. main.cpp). Be sure to save a screen shot of your working application.

Part 3: Describe the Application

Write a 3–5-page summary and analysis in which you complete the following:

  • Define and document the requirements for the Area application.
  • Describe the stakeholders needed to help further define the application.
  • Describe a collaboration plan for working with stakeholders.
  • Analyze the behavior of classes and objects constructs.
  • Define the properties, methods, and constructors you have used in your application
  • Explain how your application works and any issues you encountered with the application.
  • Include a screen shot of your application, using the Print Screen function, to show that your application works.


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