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Write a 1 page essay on IMMIGRATION REFORM.

Those employers who do not fulfill the requirements outlined by the Act may experience a fine of $100 to $1000 for each employee whose documents are not complete. If the employer does not comply with the Act while knowing about the law, he/she may faced a penalty between $200 to $2000 for her first mistake and for the next mistakes the fines are elevated to $200 to $5000 (Malpert, 2000). If the employer does not pay the sanctions that the employer can experience imprisonment for a maximum tenure of six months along with a fine of $3000 for each unauthorized employee he/she has hired. These sanctions are completely justified because it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that they are not hiring illegal employees. Secondly, employers may get involved in hiring illegal employees in order to decrease their cost which is again against the law. While hiring employees, Patricia should perform a background check in which she should obtain the necessary documents from the applicants to ensure that he/she is authorized to work in United States. Patricia does not need all the documents and she just needs one single document for verification and that document can be the US


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