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Write 1 page essay on the topic The Stages Of Racial.

This normally leads to a torn opinion on whether to join either group. As such, the individual alternates between group- and self-appreciation and deprecating behaviors and attitude.

In this stage, the individual completed embraces their own racial or ethnic group. At this stage, a person realizes that oppression and racism are real. In this case, a person starts rejecting norms and values associated with the dominant group. At this stage, moreover, there are chances that the person will blindly endorse values and attitudes attributed to the group. They, therefore, scheme ways of overpowering ethnocentric bias

In this stage, individuals start gaining momentum in their racial identity and hence question the rigid resistance attitude of the dominant group. In this case, they develop anger and negativism towards the dominant group and hence a conflict of interests may emanate at this level. Of significant to note is that individuals in this stage starts acknowledging that variation exists among all groups of people. In this stage, individuals start appreciating and respecting other cultural groups and races and hence the process of social integration


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