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NYCAPS & CityTime Case(in 11/e, pp. 441-442 & in 13/e at end of Ch 14, pp. 556-558) Essential of MIS 

Answer each Q by numbering & writing 4+ complete sentences with specific examples

1.  How important were the NYCAPS & CityTime projects for New York City?  What were their objectives?  What would have been their business benefits??

2.  Evaluate the key RISK factors in BOTH projects (as mentioned in the case).  Classify & describe the people, organization & technology problems the NYCAPS & CityTime projects encountered when being implemented.  ?

3.  What were the similarities & differences in the management of both projects?  Specific examples??

4.  What was the business impact of these botched implementations?  Explain your answer (refer back to Ch 3 concepts).?

5.   Describe the steps that should have been taken to prevent negative outcomes in these projects (review PERT and Gantt charts)?

6.  Look up ‘NY CityTime project 2015’ in a reputable news website for updates since the book case was written.  Explain what you found.   Can you think of anything else ‘beyond the case’ that relates to what we have been studying???


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