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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Small system practice.

es are unequal to the larger student community thus as a social worker you may use inequality to promote a higher level of equality in the access of limited resources hence giving them a slightly better chance than the other student community.

Using the ERS system it may give many conflicting rules and thus ethical principles may apply.

For example, Principle 6-confidentiality and Principle 7- full disclosure both seem to act but the rank in the EPS system dictates the preceding principle gains priority(Ralph & Harrington & Frank 66). This way will ensure ethical practice dilemmas related to immigrants are handled carefully and mindfully..

4. Building a community partnership strategy. The social student worker will be obliged to bring the families of the deported parents together and through their voices and hearing their wishes and needs advocate for providence through facilities such as foster homes.

Bringing together community stakeholders and making it clear of their roles in that it will include giving where the return will be improvements that will propel the lives of the children and families as well as support their


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