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Janine is a wholesale yarn salesperson working the northeastern US. Her territory covers all of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Ohio. She lives in Harrisburg, PA with her husband and three children. Janine enjoys her job and loves being out on the road and meeting yarn shop owners and knitters. However, her employer, White Mountain Yarns, requires her to drive to Detroit for a monthly staff meeting; maintain an office outside of her home; complete redundant paperwork due to outdated systems; and often sets her store visit schedule in a way that results in a lot of backtracking, all of which cut into the time she has to build rapport with store owners and individual buyers of the products. The company also doesn’t let her hold virtual client meetings, even though clients want them and they would save considerable time and money. Janine is one of the top 5 salespeople and her customers rave about her, however the company is making her job difficult. She doesn’t want to quit her job, but many of the antiquated aspects have led her to consider either quitting or asking to be cut back to part time so she can have a better work life balance. Write up a proposal to redesign and/or enrich Janine’s job.


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