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First, watch the 2011 documentary Pina: Dance, Dance, Otherwise We Are Lost, directed by Wim Wenders.

Using the documentary as a jumping off point, I want you to write a brief 2 page research paper about Pina Bausch.Tell me who she is and what she did. Keep it short and simple: think of this as an entry in an encyclopedia. You don’t have to dig too deep, but you do have to give me a good thumbnail sketch of who she was and the work she did.

Aim for four or five good paragraphs, and use two sources. The film can’t be a source–find two new ones. Your sources must come from the library: either University’s or the Free Library . You cannot use blog or general website sources, but you CAN use electronic sources through the library. They must be from journals, books, or other scholarly publications.

You must cite your sources using MLA formatting guidelines (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You must use in-text parenthetical citations. You must also include a Works Cited page, with your sources formatted according to MLA guidelines as well. Total, then, your homework here will be 3 pages long: two pages of text (4 – 5 paragraphs), and one page that’s just your Works Cited.


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