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The issue was about a bill filed in the Congress of the Philippines of making Reproductive Health Services available to the general population. The argument was that, there is a high mortality rate of birth related deaths among impoverished mothers and such, mothers should be educated about birth spacing to reduce birth mortality and be given the means if they chooses to reduce their family size. Also, it was pointed out that the country being poor, where half of its population lives below poverty line and 21 % among them experiences hunger, family size should be managed according to their income. This can be done through the popular introduction of several methods of pregnancy prevention, including the usage of condoms and birth control pills. It was also discussed that condom can be used to stop the balloning HIV infection in the country which had exponentially increased in the last couple of years. This was however vehemently opposed by the Catholic hierarchy, and even went as far as threatening to excoummunicate the President of the Republic should he support the said bill.


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