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I am new to programming and it is not something I am good at or like. But i have a a couple of assignments that I need to do good in so I can pass this course I am in. Everytime I turn in an assignment I seem to be missing something although I always get the expected results. Could someone take a look at this problem and tell me if I have meet the requirements that is being asked? I am totally lost.

“function in C that accepts one input number and returns a double number. The themes for the functions should be one of the following:

? Calculates 3.14 times of the square of input number. For example, if 2 is input then 12.56 should be returned. (e.g. 3.14*2*2 = 12.56)

? Divides the number by 3 and returns the result. For example, if 6 was input then 2.0 should be returned.

? Squares the number and returns the result. For example, if 12.1 was entered then 146.41 would be returned.

You should provide both your C code and an example call to the C code function. Be sure to provide an overview of what your function is doing. . Include header documentation in the code as well as internal code documentation.

Provide a screen capture showing the results of testing your code in an online compiler.?”


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