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Create an ER diagram for a database with following specifications.

– The database stores name, age, gender and address of each person. Each person is

   identified by his/her name. A person may be either a reader or a writer (i.e., we

   assume that a writer is not stored as a reader in the database and a reader is not stored

   as a writer in the database).

   – The database also stores books and, for each book, we store its name, publisher and

   its binding type. Each book may have several editions and for each edition we need to

   record the number of pages and price.

   – Each book is written by only one writer (author). An author may have written one or

   more books. For each author, we also store his place of birth and the name of his/her

   bestselling book (each author has exactly one bestselling book).

   – A reader may read several books. For each book a reader reads, he/she gives a rating

   for that book and the database stores these ratings for each book. For each reader, we

   store his/her favourite writers. Each reader may have zero or more favourite writers. If

   you make some assumptions, list them clearly


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