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The municipal or magistrate courts handle larger case loads and have a wide discretion in the cases to handle. Trial courts are state courts with general jurisdiction. They are courts of record and handle all civil and criminal matters and are often called district, circuit or superior courts. The appellate courts are the highest courts in the state level and only handle appeals and review decisions of lower courts (Neubauer and Fradella 61).

The federal courts are a creation of the Federal judiciary act, and there are 94 courts countrywide. These courts are trial courts and have jurisdiction over federal laws. The US district courts fall within the federal courts and often have a single judge, but complicated cases are heard by three judges and the defendant can request for a jury trial. There are 13 US court of appeals locates in a circuit with a three judge panel. The US Supreme Court is the highest court and is authorized by the constitution. The cases accepted for review by this court must pass the Rule of four, more than four justice’s feel that the matter needs consideration of the full court (Neubauer and Fradella


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