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1) The definition and application of strict liability

2) Defenses: Assumption of Risk, Commonly Known Dangers, Statute of Limitations, Statute of Repose, Knowledgeable User

3) Privity requirements for product liability claims

4) Product liability claims based upon misrepresentation

5) Wage and hour laws (minimum wage, overtime compensation)

6) Social Security

7) Medicare

8) The Electronic Communications Privacy Act

9) The Family Medical Leave Act

10) Requirements for receiving Workers’ Compensation

11) Employment-at-will doctrine

12) Employee privacy rights

13) Defenses to assault and battery

14) Trademark infringement

15) Chapter 11 Reorganization

16) List and explain the characteristics of a joint stock company

17) Case law and common law doctrine 

18) The application of federal statutes 

19) What establishes the federal court system 

20) Mediation 

21) Arbitration 

22) Submission document 

23) Ethics and the law 

24) Utilitarianism 

25) Commerce clause 

26) Government in the Sunshine Act 

27) List: white collar crimes 


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