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Delph uses a job-order costing system and has two manufacturing departments—Molding and Fabrication. The company provided the following estimates at the beginning of the year:

 Molding 33,000 Fabrication 43,000 Total Machine-hours: 76,000Fixed manufacturing overhead costs Molding: $760,000 Fabrication: $270,000 Total $1,030,000Variable manufacturing overhead cost per machine-hour$5.50 for both

During the year, the company had no beginning or ending inventories and it started, completed, and sold two jobs D70 &Job C200. The following information related:

Job D-70:Molding: $378,000 Fabrication: $328,000 Total Direct materials cost: $706,000Direct labor cost Molding: $240,000 Fabrication:$150,000 Total:$390,000 Machine-hours 25,000 8,000 33,000

Job C-200:MoldingFabricationTotalDirect materials cost$260,000$300,000$560,000Direct labor cost$120,000$250,000$370,000Machine-hours Molding:8,000 Fabrication:35,000 Total:43,000

Delph had no under or over manufacturing overhead.

 Assume Delph uses a plantwide predetermined overhead rate based on machine-hours.

Compute the plantwide predetermined overhead rate..

Compute the total manufacturing cost assigned to Job D-70 and Job C-200.


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