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Need an argumentative essay on What have been the psychological causes of aggression in your experience, or the experience of your friends and family. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In some cases, the inclusion of social cognitive processes makes it worse. If one acts violently towards a person when challenging him verbally, a violent response is the likely outcome and vice versa (Dodge, Coie & Lynam, 2006).

The exposure to violent romantic relationships also causes aggression to people around me. Just like in my case, this mainly applies to other kids whose parents are in a violent marriage. When these kids reach an older age, they tend to let go the ugly scenes violently.

Child maltreatment is also a major cause of aggression. This refers to the exposure of a child to abuse. Children tend to acquire trust by being around caring and responsible adults. Denying them this opportunity by exposing them to maltreatment, it may give rise to malicious behaviors. They also act violently towards others to have the feeling of revenge. It is evident that psychological cause of aggression cannot be undermined especially for children at a tender age. The above causes are evident to friends and people around


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