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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Reflecting on exeter elegies.

ead existing between “The Wife Lament” and “The Wanderer” is evident. the kind of sorrow experienced over loved ones’ loss and the effort to verbalize the subsequent isolation remains relevant even to date.

The Seafarer mirrors the difficult life at sea (Conner, p65). He compares his solitude to land dwellers’ life. the speaker changes his poem tone to express his continuous traveling. This implies that his exile is self-imposed. Critics who perceive “The Seafarer” to be an allegory concludes that the ‘exile’ is basically Adam and his broods who were cast away from Garden of Eden.

“The Wanderer” is an elegy, or the dead’s lament and past glories. The poem’s narrator has lost one of his own kin in a war and is left wandering alone and contemplating life’s temporal nature. The warrior is away which gives the poem the aspect of exile. The warrior has been in isolation and exile.

“The Wife Lament” speaker just as that of “The Wanderer” is lamenting her isolation and exile, though in this scenario, it seems that the speaker is commenting about her separation from the husband. All these scenarios in these three poems bring the aspect of exile in


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