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Compose a 250 words essay on Are Online Services Responsible for an Increase in Bullying and Harassment Responses. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Your reason for selecting the better argument is strong, as it relates the audience to the subject. The rationale is also consistent with the scope of qualitative approach to data collection, analysis, and reporting that develops an in-depth understanding of a subject matter. Using a real life experience, Penny depicts the reality of the threat of online services as a factor to bullying and harassment. This does not however means that the services are responsible for bullying and harassment because of the active role that Gary played, and he could play the role without online services.

Even though you identify Leisring’s argument as the better of the two, you do not offer comparative rationale. It may also be difficult for the audience to identify this position because of the structure of the post that presents your position deep into the paper and as a conclusion. Communicating the main point first would improve the post. Your personal opinion is consistent with reality and the recommendation may be effective in controlling effects of online services on bullying and harassment


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