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I will pay for the following essay TRIBOROUGH BRIDGE PROJECT (NY). The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Construction of the bridges commenced in 1929. The total cost of constructing the bridge was announced to be more than $60 million, exceeding that of the Hoover Dam. The bridge was officially opened on July 11, 1936.

Triborough Bridge Project is officially referred to as Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. The bridge carries 8 lanes of 278 I-278 and 6 lanes of NY 900G. The bridge is designed as a suspension, lift and truss bridge. The total length of the bridge comprises of three spans: 2,780 feet, 770 feet and 1,600 feet through Queens, Manhattan, and Bronx respectively. Constructors used both hand tools and specialised tools and equipment for constructing the complex bridge. Similarly, both specialised engineers and unskilled manpower was critical for the project completion. Among the methods that were used for constructing the bridge include balanced cantilever, incremental launching, advanced shoring, and heavy lifting. If the bridge was to be built, the constructors would consider building the roofing for protecting pedestrians and cyclists from hot sunshine and


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