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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Conference 6.

etermination of budget priorities however, leads to economic growth of entire country as well as state and this is driven by world knowledge economy provided by competition norm both within and outside a country.

More so, budget priorities brings about globalization through an essence of global networks and this in turn leads to tremendous opportunities for trading, building relationship as well as working in partnership triggered by effective communication. As far as the aspect of budget priority is of concern, the world becomes more interconnected specifically through trading activities, new trends activities, interests sharing, technology, and mostly through cyberspace. It is at this point that we learn co-existence between the National Security council and the Office of Management and budget as far as budgeting priorities are of concern. Through effective communication and forms of communication, for the National Security council to initiate any transaction, it need to liaise with the office of management and budget to get accountability on the basis of resources allocation, acquisition and amendments that might have come across due to either outside on internal


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