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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Case Study: “Google: An Entrepreneurial Juggernaut”.

It is also evident that the advertisements were carefully selected so as they could reach a good number of people in a perfect way. By the year 2000, Google had managed to source for the best software engineers and mathematicians that stimulated the growth of Google (Hartley, 2011). There was a need to have a CEO that would run the operations of Google. This need led to Sergey and Page hiring Eric Schmidt who had a high level of experience in fields such as Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (Hartley, 2011). It is also in the 2000s that Google made relationships with other internet players such as Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and AOL. This move would place Google with the like-minded persons.

With these measures in place, Google went public by 2004 even with the issues of global recession. However, Google saw a brighter light after the IPO, and even went ahead to poach for the best talent to drive the company. Despite the threats to the company, Larry and Sergey were able to steer innovation and even pose stiff competition on the likes of Microsoft (Hartley, 2011). Today, Google poses a major threat to other companies of the same


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