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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Over consumption has different effects on earth.

Another effect of overconsumption on earth is displacement and migration of living things from their normal places of living. Overconsumption leads to climate changes that make it necessary for living things to move from these places in search of more comfortable places. Human beings are the most affected with poor populations and those with low incomes being the most exposed. Consequently, the rate of economic development among these people is greatly reduced (Cohen-Kiener 2009, p122).

Overconsumption has negative effects on factory workers as they try to meet the high demand for goods. Manufacturing companies have to meet the required quality and quantity of goods they produce otherwise they will be outcompeted by their rivals. This pressure is passed on to workers who are forced to work for long hours and in some situations under dangerous environments. Accidents in factories have also increased due to increased complexities in production processes thus posing another risk to factory workers. This has led to increased friction between employers and employees as employees seek safer working environments (Cohen-Kiener 2009,


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