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Compose a 250 words essay on Engineering management. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Getting a degree from Catholic University will definitely contribute towards fulfilling my dream of working in a good position in a company that is globally credible.

Personally speaking, I have a profound interest in new technologies and for this reason I keep myself updated regarding the evolving scientific discoveries and technology. I am of the opinion that learning is a lifelong process and the only way of bringing improvement in one’s life. This is important since I also aim to sustain and promote my father’s company by the knowledge that I acquire during my education.

Being an adaptable personality, I love to read books and at the same time I enjoy playing video games and soccer. I strongly believe that a healthy mind is dependent upon a healthy body. so a balanced combination of activities that nourish the mind and the body is essential to maintain a healthy existence. I am hopeful that if I am given the opportunity to study at Catholic University, my presence will not only be beneficial to myself, but also to my fellow students as I am a quick learner and love to share and spread the knowledge that I acquire during the learning


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