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week 3:What are the “weapons of competition” that rival companies in the athletic footwear industry can use to gain sales and market share?1.What are the factors affecting the intensity of rivalry in the industry in which your company is competing? Would you characterize the rivalry and jockeying for better market position, increased sales, and market share among the companies in your industry as fierce, very strong, strong, moderate, or relatively weak? Why?2.Are there any driving forces in the industry in which your company is competing? What impact will these driving forces have? Will they cause competition to be more or less intense? Will they act to boost or squeeze profit margins? List at least two actions your company should consider taking in order to combat any negative impacts of the driving forces.3.Draw a strategic group map showing the market positions of the companies in your industry. Which companies do you believe are in the most attractive position on the map? Which companies are the most weakly positioned? Which companies do you believe are likely to try to move to a different position on the strategic group map?4.What do you see as the key factors for being a successful competitor in your industry? List at least three.


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