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According to the article in order for the corporate sector to fully implement and embrace the CSR’s true meaning and act on them, several parties have to intervene and even impose regulations and strict observatory measures to ensure this results. One of these parties is the company itself. The company can have self-regulatory measures which mean forfeiting some of their profits to honestly support and act in favor of social welfare. This has proven to be a hard decision by most corporations though some do try.

The other is having watchdogs like the civil society movements to bring about accountability and criticize the companies that do not act according to the true meaning of CSR. The downside of this is that most civil society lack financial resources to ensure this watchdog role fully. Finally however there is the government which has not only the resources but also has mandate to impose rules and regulations or policies that will ensure that the CSR role and true meaning is fulfilled by all corporations.

Karnani, Aneel. “The Case against Corporate Social Responsibility.” The Wall Street Journal, June 14th, 2012. Retrieved from:


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