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 NEED A RAPTOR FLOWCHART! NOT A C++ CODE. My programs is not working properly so i will like to copare. Many websites ask for phone numbers. The problem is that there are many different ways to represent a phone number. Examples include 817-555-1234, 817 555 1234 (c), and (817) 555-1234 x23. Write Raptor program which inputs a string containing a phone number in any format and outputs it in the standard format. For this assignment, the standard format is (817) 555-1234. Your Raptor program should:

1. Input a string including the number

2. Copy only the digits from the input string into another string

3. Issue an error message if the input string does not contain at least 10 digits

4. If the input string contains more than 10 digits, include only the first 10 digits in the formatted number

5. Output the phone number in standard format Output: Please enter a phone number: 817-555-1234 The properly formatted number is (817) 555-1234 Please enter a phone number: (817)515 7259 x23 The properly formatted number is (817) 515-7259 Please enter a phone number: 214-555-999 The phone number must have at least 10 digits Please enter a phone number: 800**4444xxx333 The properly formatted number is (800) 444-4333 Thank you


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