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1968 was an election year, and it seems to me like politics and world affairs are always more closely scrutinized during election years in the eyes of Americans. The year started off with the Tet Offensive, which caused a lot of bloodshed to America as well as the Vietcong. Even though the Vietcong suffered ten times as many losses as we did, it revealed some of our vulnerabilities in a war that many Americans already had doubts about. Due to the fact that Vietnam never attacked the U.S. public support for the war in Vietnam was low to begin with. When we started losing our own troops, spending our own resources, and American civilians began seeing reports about American soldiers killing Vietnamese civilians, public support for the war dwindled further. Many Americans believed that stopping the spread of Communism in Asia wasn’t worth the cost to America. The war created a huge divide in the U.S. Many people had very strong opinions about the war, and this came out during the election campaign. I believe that we also were still in some turmoil from the civil rights movement, and disagreements about Vietnam did not help to unite America


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