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Consider an insulated box (a building, perhaps) with internal temperature u(t). According

to Newton’s law of cooling, u satisfies the differential equation

du/dt= ?k[u ? T(t)], (i)

where T(t) is the ambient (external) temperature. Suppose that T(t) varies sinusoidally;

for example, assume that T(t) = T0 + T1 cos ?t.

(a) Solve Eq. (i) and express u(t) in terms of t, k, T0, T1, and ?. Observe that part of

your solution approaches zero as t becomes large; this is called the transient part. The

remainder of the solution is called the steady state; denote it by S(t).

(b) Suppose that t is measured in hours and that ? = ?/12, corresponding a period of 24 h

for T(t). Further, let T0 = 60?F, T1 = 15?F, and k = 0.2/h. Draw graphs of S(t) and T(t)

versus t on the same axes. From your graph estimate the amplitude R of the oscillatory

part of S(t). Also estimate the time lag ? between corresponding maxima of T(t) and S(t).

(c) Let k, T0, T1, and ? now be unspecified. Write the oscillatory part of S(t) in the form

Rcos[?(t ? ?)]. Use trigonometric identities to find expressions for R and ? . Let T1 and

? have the values given in part (b), and plot graphs of R and ? versus k.


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