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Aaron is a new medical assistant in Dr. Royce’s family practice . He was an exceptional student, and he consistently performed well on his externship, receiving commendations from the externship office manager as well as a written recommendation from the physician. One month after he started his job, Bethany asked him to make a bank deposit for her, usually a duty that she performs daily. Bethany told him she was leaving the bank deposit in the bottom left drawer of his desk. When Aaron looked for the deposit at the end of the day , it was not anywhere in his desk; hr looked in every drawer and even took the drawers out to make sure it had not fallen behind them. All the employees looked for the deposit , but nobody found it. No one was able to reach Bethany on the phone. The next morning when Aaron opened his left bottom desk drawer, the deposit bag was there, but it was empty. Bethany had already reported to the physician that the deposit had not been made . The physician calls Aaron to his office to discuss the situation.. What do you think happen? How can you deal with employees who are determined to cause problems for others in the clinic? How can situations such as this be proven effectively when one is unsure about exactly what happened?


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