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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Harrison Bergeron.

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For instance, personnel amid prominent powers were presented through the additional heaviness to hold, the motive of this act was to reduce the level of strength bringing it to other’s intensities. Moreover, those with additional cerebral supremacy as well as accepted wisdom were given the ear pieces, these ear pieces produced some noise in order to upset their superfluous ideas and power of thoughts thereby off trailing their opinion. In order to reduce the attraction, a person had to wear masks and other handicaps as Harrison had to wear, a clown nose and clean shaven eyebrows along with the headphone to impede thoughts, eyeglasses to produce blindness. The plot displays the courage shown by Harrison to overcome all the obstacles and to live the most cherished moment of his life, to be an emperor. It was an attempt to bring down “Handicap General” and to safeguard people. The end was tragic as the death of the son was witnessed by the parents, indicating the world devoid of sentiments and no room for self, no individuality, no self accomplishments, but for equality. Reference Harrison Bergeron. Available at http:// [Accessed on 19th July 2011].


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