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The ethical dilemma for the medical profession and the family of the afflicted individual give rise to ongoing debates. Both sides present strong arguments for their side. II. Facts for Pro and Con side a. Pro side-Seven facts to support the Pro side of the debate In more ways, the aging group is more susceptible to developing clinical conditions that require extensive hospitalization, as most present protracted medical status. however, the exact pathophysiological path towards worsening condition remained indefinable (Kaufman, 2009). As such, clinical practitioners may try a number of treatment procedures with vague clinical presentation, possibly even during critical times in patient status, but these measures may remain in futile attempts as they do not target the exact cause of geriatric condition. In most cases, the education and vast clinical experiences that health professionals have acquired in academic and clinical settings do not assure that they are no longer liable to make clinical errors, especially on the side of the “omnipotent” physicians in predicting the outcomes of patients’ condition and course of disease process.


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