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The Great Society was established by Lyndon Johnson, which launched some efforts toward racial justice. Of this sparked the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the strongest such act since Reconstruction. The evolvement of civil rights movements during the 60’s was partially helped by such laws, when they were being enforced that is. It was finally illegal to discriminate based on race (among other things). It also took citizens continuing to stand up for more racial justice. Although people had been fighting for equality for years, they were no longer backing down to empty promises. Protests continued and grew nationwide. Even though protests for equal rights were nothing new, they were beginning to gain more attention. People of all races were beginning to protest and fight for equal rights for all people.

Latching on to civil rights movements were other movements from groups fighting for racial or gender equality. Movements began to form from Native Americans, Latinos, women, and the gay and lesbian communities.

More and more people wanted rights for all, not just rights for some. The combination of all these protests and groups fighting helped form the evolvement of equal rights for all.


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