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Read a multicultural book of your choice as described or listed in Ch. 4 of Children’s Books in Children’s Hands.

Choose one of the following options for your presentation:

  • Slideshow (minimum of 14 slides)
  • Podcast (minimum of 4 minutes)
  • Other (approved by faculty member)

Note: The presentation mode used for this assignment must be able to be uploaded to the course and be viewed on any computer.

Create a presentation or podcast that summarizes the book and analyzes cultural representations by including the following key elements: 

  • Title, author, illustrator, culture represented, and genre of book
  • Summary of book
  • Literary elements to include: characters, setting, plot, and theme
  • Style and quality of writing
  • Author and illustrator background including expertise for writing within the culture
  • Benefits to the students
  • Integration of culturally authentic language
  • Accuracy of cultural details
  • Power relationships between characters

Include detailed speakers notes or a transcript for your choice of presentation modality. Either should read as if you were presenting in person.


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