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This assignment is a reflection of the knowledge the student has gained in using the theoretical approaches in addressing the law and conflicts in healthcare. This is the student’s opportunity to share with the instructor how they have grown in their knowledge and how the student will use what they have learned in their current or future careers.

Section 1: Introduction- Develop a statement of reflection, such as “Throughout this course I’ve learned to use decision making models when making ethical judgements in healthcare.” You can use one of the learning objectives from the chapters to help formulate your statement of reflection.

Section 2: Share your personal experiences and how the material has changed your attitude or actions towards ethics or conflicts in healthcare. How has the material challenged your morals or beliefs? How has the material helped with your growth as a professional in healthcare.

Section 3: Express how you will carry your knowledge in to the world of healthcare. What significant theory, case, or story impacted you and how will you use that information to help you in your own field? Or has there been a case in your field that you now believe you would handle differently with material presented in this course?


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