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e way of functionality of an organization, the management process comprises five significant functions that encompass coordinating, directing, staffing, planning and organizing. With the dramatic change in the current competitive business world and the process through which different organizations belonging to diverse industry operate, it can be stated that the management functions play a decisive part at large. However, with respect to the aforesaid scenario, it can be affirmed that the process through which company recruits its employee i.e. the function of staffing would experience the most dramatic change out of the above stated management functions. This can be justified with reference to the fact that there exists the prevalence of extreme business market competition in this present day context making this particular management function to be changed in the next decade (Tripathi 3-7). On the other hand, the management task or the function of ‘directing’ would have least change as the function is basically related with the process of motivating, leading and directing the employees of various organizations making the organizations more result-oriented (Tripathi


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