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From the video clip below create a seven-to ten – slide presentation on the enthalpy regarding the fire and smoke. You

many use various sources, including your textbook and other scholarly material. Since you will not be presenting this

PowerPoint to your instructor in person, you may need to add written explanation for the contents of your slides. If this

becomes necessary, you may use the PowerPoint slide notes” function to provide brief explanations.

You will need to emphasize key points taken from this unit to fully discuss enthalpy and how it relates to the video clip of the thick black smoke pulsing from the warehouse. Click here to access the video clip.

Visual emphasis,such as bold, italicized, or underlined text, should be used sparingly in order to

maximize the prominence of key points. Each slide should address a single concept, and slides

should follow a logical progression, each building on the other.

Treat your PowerPoint slides like you would any research paper—provide in-text citations and a reference slide for any outside sources, including direct quotations, paraphrased words or ideas,tables and data, and images. The title and reference slides are not included in the required slidecount.


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