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Discussion #1

Explain why unions often place a priority on seniority in personnel decisions, whereas employers tend to emphasize ability to perform the job. 

Based on your own experience with work-performance appraisals conducted by managers, how confident are you that managers can effectively judge legitimate differences in performance between two or more employees? 

Please use a minimum of at least one source to support your post.

Please interact with at least one classmate.

Discussion #2

Discuss the various elements or components of the grievance processes one might find in a CBA. What is labor arbitration and what are the different types of labor arbitration? How do they differ? Research a CBA online (hint: NFL and NBA CBAs are fun to read) and identify how disputes are handled within that particular agreement. Don’t forget to use in text citations (while listing your sources). Be sure to interact with one other classmate.

Discussion #3

What are the pros and cons to having a mandatory  arbitration clause in your CBA?  What alternatives to mandatory arbitration might you propose instead? Please use at least one source (with in text citations) and respond to at least one classmate. 


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