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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: HS 320 Legal Brief: Brown v. Board of Education.

However, the segregation was allegedly depriving the plaintiffs’ equal protection of the laws. The court had denied relief on the plaintiffs since it was argued that equal facilities and treatment were accorded to both races even though the schools were different. The plaintiffs contended that the segregated schools are not equal and they cannot be equal at any point (Brown, 2).

Yes, the court did err in allowing segregation of schools for the whites and Negros on the doctrine that they are separate but equal. Inequality existed in that there were some benefits enjoyed by the white students that were denied to Negros of similar education qualifications.

The court reasoned that Equalizing Negro and white schools with respect to buildings or other factors could not solve the problem of public education based on segregation. Segregation in public schools deprives the plaintiffs equal protection laws (Brown, 3).

Education is a very important function of the local government and education opportunities provided by the state is a right that should be equal to all individuals in equal terms. Segregation of children on race denies them equal educational


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