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Trash Haulers Deluxe (THD) is a company offering trash hauling and recycling services for residential and business customers. THD offers a number of different service offerings such as”Twice weekly trash pickup” and “Once a week recycling pickup”. Customers sign up for aservice plan that can include one or more service offerings. Each service plan has a start and ending date and an address/location where the trash or recycling is picked up. THD also needs to record, on each of the offerings, the monthly price.

All of the typical customer information should be recorded such as business name, name of the contact person, address, telephone number and so on. It is possible for customers to have more than one plan.

Finally, it is expected that each customer will send in a payment every month to cover the costs of their service plans. THD will need to record the date of the payment, the payment method (check, credit card, etc.) and a confirmation number (or check number) for the payment.

  1. draw a Entity relationship model diagram with the necessary entities, attributes, identifiers and relationships to capture the data.
  • ? All relationships should be labeled with verb phrases.
  • ? Use UML notation for this work


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