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The Endangered Species Act of 1973 establishes the importance of protecting and maintaining biodiversity in the United States and assigns responsibilities for listing threatened or endangered species, assessing ecosystem health, minimizing species loss, and recovering population numbers of endangered species listed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The federal agency works with individual states and other public and private partners to preserve natural habitats and species diversity on private and public lands.

Research conservation efforts to preserve endangered species in your state. Start with a Google search for “Endangered species and state name,” for example, “endangered species Vermont.” Look for reliable sources of information. Are any species likely to be extinct within the next 50 years? Pick one conservation effort and evaluate published reports. Is it likely that the species will recover and what are the major obstacles to overcome in order to achieve species preservation?

The state being used is Texas. 250 words minimum. APA format. 

Name of studentName of instructorUniversity affiliationCourse TitleDate of submission In Texas, it harbors a remarkable array of plant and animal species which range from majesticmammals like…


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